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Bruce Spohn, author


Christmas Treasures:

The Greatest Treasure is in the Heart


This collection of short Christmas stories is powerful and touching. Each story tells about everyday people, lost in a commercial world, seeking to find the eternal hope of the Christmas spirit. They are people just like you and me, yet they impact each other and everyone that they encounter. Yes, this is a story about the quest for the spirit of Christmas.

Lovers by the Lake:

More than a Romance

A touching story of two lovers who meet late in life. They seek to find the answers to life's questions and they seek to understand how the events of their lives made them "Lovers by the Lake."

Dark Dig and Convoluted Coincidences:

Ancient Gods and Modern Drama


The first two books of Bruce Spohn's trilogy, "Dark Dig" and "Convoluted Coincidences" feature romance, mystery, lovers, soulmates, ancient gods, and international intrigue. People are tossed and tumbled by events into a world of unknown dangers and strange drug-trafficking terrorists. People's lives are shattered, and lovers unite.

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Christmas is a special time. It’s the time when we share the joys and treasures of our lives with those we love. Though fiction, Bruce Spohn uses the threads of compassion, love, and joy, combined with memories of his childhood and the glaring headlines from the daily newspapers, to weave a rich tapestry of heart-warming stories.



A touching story of two lovers who meet late in life. They seek to find the answers to life's questions and they seek to understand how the events of their lives made them "Lovers by the Lake."


Christmas Treasures

"It's a great read because it's all short stories, I really enjoyed this book. Refreshing, simple and heartwarming stories."

"Good fiction. It was a good story. Actually, series of stories."

"Truly a 'Treasure.' This is a beautiful collection of stories cleverly intertwined into one. The characters are real, believable human beings, and the stories are set in the modern world. These are not children's fairy tales about Santa, elves, and flying reindeer, but very inspiring literature for people of all ages. The book would make a great gift, especially for those who have become jaded on the idea of Christmas and the commercialism surrounding it these days."

Lovers by the Lake

"Five Stars. This was a great read. The details of events made the character really come to life. This book is a great read, stirring the memories of years past. I’m a baby boomer and I thoroughly enjoyed the historical events that shaped all our lives as boomers. The characters are relatable and relevant to the time periods of their lives."

"Excellent story! A very well written novel linking people and events through time, and exploring the universal issues people encounter in their lives."


"This is the second book from Mr. Spohn that I have read. Just like the first book there are deep personal feelings and the events come to life. I can only suggest you read it for yourself."

Dark Dig

"Dark Dig is such a fun read. I grew up in a small boring town as many of us have, harboring a need for change, for adventure. Dark Dig is a recipe for adventure. A love story with just the right amount of steamy love scenes, intrigue, oracles and espionage. I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed other books by this author and I always look forward to his new releases."


"Great read. I found this to be a good pace read. No stopping and starting. It flowed with a good story line. I really enjoyed it from start to finish."


"ENCHANTING. This is a complex story plot - Romance and mystery blended together with many twists and turns."

Convoluted Coincidences

"Excellent read! Excellent book! A sequel to Dark Dig, the characters get far more than they bargained for when they go to investigate what seems to be a very mundane case. Highly entertaining, and great as a stand alone book, but reading Dark Dig is recommendable too."

"Intriguing story, built upon the characters from “Dark Dig”. Bruce skillfully develops a plot, blending together historical events to resolve a mystery. Characters from many different cultures are drawn together."

About the Author

Bruce J. Spohn

Bruce Spohn was born on March 5th, 1947 in Lancaster, CA near Los Angeles. His parents moved north to the Bay Area, and he attended K-12 in a number of schools in different cities around the Bay. This laid the foundation of his outlook on life. After graduating from Clayton Valley High School in Concord, California, he joined the U. S. Air force. After basic training in Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX, he was sent to Germany in Oct 1965.

Life in Europe appealed to him and he stayed in Germany for 40 years. He finally returned to the United States in February, 2006. As luck would have it, he was sent back to San Antonio, TX, where he works for the government at Fort Sam Houston.

Bruce started writing when he was still in high school, but never published. In November, 1999 he was involved in a near-fatal car accident and woke up in the ICU a few days before Christmas. He felt inspired to write a story to send to his friends as a special Christmas gift. After many Christmases, Bruce compiled a collection of his Christmas stories and titled it, "Christmas Treasures: The Greatest Treasure is in the Heart.”

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